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How to Enroll

How do I enroll in Access DuPage?

1. Check the ‘Do I Qualify’ section to your right to make sure you follow eligibility requirements.

2. Call or visit your local intake agent to schedule an enrollment appointment.

3. Remember to bring the following:

Photo ID

  • Passport
  • State ID
  • Drivers License
  • Matricula Consular

Proof of Income (bring copies of all the documents that apply to your household income situation)*

  • Copies of last 6 weeks of paycheck stubs
  • Social Security Benefit Award Letter and/or pension
  • Unemployment Statement
  • Child support
  • If self-employed: Recent Federal Tax Returns and 2 months recent bank statements showing income.
  • If paid in cash: Employer letter indicating the hours you work, the amount paid per hour, employer address, manager name, and manager phone number. If you file taxes you may also use most recent federal tax returns as well as copies of 2 months’ bank statements.
  • If no income: Proof of income for the person/s helping you financially and a letter of support written by them.

Proof of Address (Please provide ONE of the following:)

  • Utility bill (must be current and issued within last 60 days)
  • Drivers license or state ID (only if issued within the last 30 days)
  • Current lease or proof of current mortgage
  • If you are currently residing at PADS or another shelter, we require a letter on organization letterhead stating that you are currently residing in their program

If you live with someone else and have none of the documents listed above documenting address, please provide the following:

  • Provide a letter from the person who you live with indicating that you are residing with him or her.
  • Have the person writing the letter provide one of the above proof of address documents in his or her name.

*While this list represents most of the documents Access DuPage would typically request to document income, in certain circumstances, Access DuPage may request alternate information to demonstrate financial means. If you have questions about these forms, refer to this PDF: Examples of proofs*

Good Samaritan Act and Release of Information

Every person who is applying for Access DuPage must complete the following form and submit it with their applications.  Family members who are applying for Access DuPage but cannot attend the application appointment in person due to work or other obligations may sign this form and have the person who is attending the appointment bring it with them.

Good Samaritan and Release Form

  • Each applicant will need to sign a copy of a Release of Information form, as well as notification of Good Samaritan Act Immunity Waiver.
  • These forms are available on this website and can be printed at your convenience if every member cannot make an appointment. Applications received without a completed copy of the two listed forms will not be processed until the forms are received.

Access DuPage makes every effort to respect the privacy of applicants and does not routinely share enrollee specific information with other agencies, except to determine eligibility or secure medical treatment.

Do I Qualify?

  • Resided in DuPage County for at least 30 days
  • Between the ages of 19 and 64
  • Household income at or below 200% of the federal poverty level
  • No medical insurance
  • Not eligible for select private or public health coverage

At the DuPage Health Coalition, we believe that our community's diversity is its strength. We respect, value, and celebrate the unique backgrounds, histories, and perspectives that make each person who they are. We are committed to providing a safe, accepting environment for the families we serve, partnering with all who need additional support accessing excellent healthcare. From Access DuPage, Silver Access, The Dispensary of Hope and all of the other programs we offer, we welcome you.

En el DuPage Health Coalition, creemos que la fuerza de nuestra comunidad está en su diversidad. Nosotros respetamos, valoramos y celebramos los antecedentes únicos, las historias y las perspectivas que hacen que cada individuo sea quien es. Estamos comprometidos a proveer un lugar seguro y un ambiente que acepta a las familias que servimos. Y nos asociamos con todos aquellos que necesitan apoyo para obtener un cuidado de salud excelente. De parte del Access DuPage, Silver Access, Dispensary of Hope y todos los otros programas que ofrecemos, le damos una bienvenida.

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