Silver Access DuPage - Financial Assistance for the HealthCare Marketplace
Silver Access DuPage

A program that provides financial help to families purchasing health insurance on the Affordable Care Act Healthcare marketplace.

If you are struggling to pay your insurance premium, we may be able to help.

Silver Access is a DuPage Health Coalition Program that can help you pay your Healthcare Marketplace premium. Silver Access is not health insurance.

The Health Insurance Marketplace is a government website where you can buy health insurance.  You will pay a premium (monthly payment) for your health insurance.

Based on income and family size, applicants may qualify for ACA premium assistance up to $150 per person per month.

In 5 years SA has grown 287%. In our first year, Silver Access served 175 members. This year we’ve already served 678 members, with 1 in 5 living on an annual income at or below the poverty line.

Important: 2021 Open Enrollment ends May 15! In accordance with the Executive Order, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is announcing that the Special Enrollment Period (SEP) for the Health Insurance Marketplace will run from Monday, February 15 through Saturday, May 15 on

Need Help with Open Enrollment?

Due to Covid-19, our office is only accepting remote appointments for this open enrollment season. All appointments will be over a Zoom meeting and will be scheduled in 1.5 hour time slots.

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Do I Qualify?

To qualify, you must meet these guidelines:

Must be able to enroll in health insurance from the ACA marketplace.
Must be a legal US resident or citizen living in DuPage County, Illinois.
Must NOT qualify for Medicaid or Medicare.
Must meet program income guidelines (See Chart).

2021 Maximum Income Guidelines (before taxes)

Family Income Monthly Income Yearly Income
1 $2,147 $25,760
2 $2,903 $34,840
3 $3,660 $43,920
4 $4,417 $53,000
5 $5,173 $62,080
6 $5,930 $71,160
Each additional person $757 $9,080
It is very important for you, as a consumer, to know if your preferred medical provider participates in the insurance plan you are enrolled in. Use our provider participation tool to see where your insurance plan is accepted.

Steps to Apply


Buy and enroll in Health Insurance from the HealthCare Marketplace


Choose a Silver Level Plan* with Cost Sharing Reduction (CSR)

*Bronze or Gold Plans may have alternative assistance options


Use your entire Advanced Premium Tax Credit (APTC)


Select a plan from one of the following insurance companies:

Blue Cross Blue Shield



Bright Health


Apply for Silver Access.

Once you are Approved for the Program

Silver Access members will receive up to $150/month per member of premium assistance for the remaining months of 2020.

  • Once you are approved for Silver Access you will be asked to set up a payment plan (or pay in full) for your portion of your health insurance costs.
  • Most members will be asked to pay for one to three months of their premium cost, plus any cost greater than $150 per member per month. See the chart below for more information.
  • All members must attend one Silver Access Orientation.
  • Silver Access will pay your monthly premium payments directly to the health insurance company.
  • Silver Access will not pay your out of pocket costs such as copayments — those are your responsibility.

Silver Access will ask you to set up a payment plan for (or pay in full) your portion of your health insurance costs. Payments need to be set up before Silver Access enrollment will become effective. Most members will be asked to pay for one to three months of their premium cost, plus any cost greater than $150 per member per month. See the chart below for more information.

1 Month of Premium Costs 2 Months of Premium Costs 3 Months of Premium Costs
0 – 100 % FPL 101 – 150 % FPL 151 – 200 % FPL
Family Size Max. Yearly Income ($) Max. Yearly Income ($) Max. Yearly Income ($)
1 Up to $12,760 Up to $19,140 Up to $25,520
2 $17,240 $25,860 $34,480
3 $21,720 $32,580 $43,440
4 $26,200 $39,300 $52,400
5 $30,680 $46,020 $61,360
6 $35,160 $52,740 $70,320
7 $39,640 $59,460 $79,280
8 $44,120 $66,180 $88,240

Payment Options

Monthly Payment Plans

  • Good news . . . Paying your 1st month premium payment to your insurance company counts as payment
  • Monthly payments divide costs into smaller amounts
    • No fees or interest
    • Automatic payment from debit/credit card

Other Options

  • To set up payments by phone please call Silver Access
  • You can mail checks payable to DuPage Health Coalition
  • You can come to the Silver Access office M-F 8-4 to pay in person