DHC’s lobby hosts a free pantry full of toiletries, hygiene items, diapers, and over-the-counter medical supplies.  Stock varies, take what you need! 

Also in our lobby is a free library stocked with books for different ages and languages, available to our clients and the community.  Take home your favorite!

Educational events that encourage patients to set and achieve health goals through interactive workgroups in chronic disease management, health literacy, and mental health first aid are all delivered in Spanish. 



"This Coalition should be a model across the country to be used to make sure everyone in the community receives the healthcare they deserve and we expect."
"While all people in America have access to medical care for emergencies, it is access to PREVENTATIVE primary care...that is so needed. The DHC is committed to arranging access to preventative care which improves the health status of individuals and can lower the overall cost of health care..."
"Thank you to the DuPage Health Coalition for helping those with limited resources access high-quality healthcare. We are so lucky to have this amazing, one-of-a-kind resource..."
"My family was very worried because I could not afford medical attention and my primary care doctor thought I might have cancer. Seeing them worried all the time and not being able to do anything was very, very difficult. Access DuPage makes me feel cared for and calm about my health."
DHC Client