Have a question about Medical Debt Care DuPage?

We are a DuPage Health Coalition program. Our purpose is to help people who live in DuPage County with medical bills (past and present) to apply for financial assistance. There are many resources available to help clients such as charity care applications. Charity care helps low-income to middle-income patients by eliminating and reducing medical bills. Note: WE DO NOT PAY BILLS!


  • Must live in DuPage County, but services provided out of county qualify for review.
  • All immigration statuses welcome!

Yes, we can meet and review your information. There may be other resources available to help you.

No, if your salary or work status has changed, we can re-apply with the updated information and send it to the hospital for reconsideration.

No, our services are completely free.

Yes, we are currently only helping people who live in DuPage County. If you do not live in DuPage County call the financial assistance number on your medical bill to see if they offer financial assistance.

mailto:[email protected]If you have questions that are not answered on this website, please call or email one of our team members.

Daisy: (331) 806-3065     Brenda: (331) 806-3845
[email protected]