Our Staff

DeAnn Bednowicz
VP of Operations
[email protected]
630-510-8720 ext. 201 Direct: 331-716-7578

DeAnn is inspired by the knowledge that she is making a difference in peoples’ lives by helping them get healthcare they could not access anywhere else. Although every day is different, everything she does revolves around building relationships both inside and outside the Coalition to ensure people in DuPage County are taken care of. DeAnn likes to spend as much time outdoors as possible either with coffee, her family or both if she is lucky. Her family (including three adorable grandchildren) and puppies keep her busy and laughing.

Charito Bularzik (Habla Español)
Education and Outreach Coordinator
[email protected]
630-510-8720 ext. 222 Direct: 331-716-7576

Charito is positive, flexible and enjoys being busy. She is successful in helping clients navigate the maze of healthcare because she takes time to get to know them well and is an educator at heart. Charito is especially passionate about woman’s health because typically women put their own health needs after the needs of others. On Sunday morning you will find Charito at church likely followed by a trip to Ann Taylor.

Brenda Chavez (Habla Español)
Community Health Navigator
[email protected]
(630) 510-8720 ext. 215

Brenda takes great joy in helping the community navigate the many resources DuPage County has to offer. Giving the client a sense of relief brings a smile to her because she knows that she is part of a team that gives hope. Brenda likes to spend her free time with family and catching up on her favorite books and shows.

Daisy Corpus (Habla Español)
Community Health/
Financial Assistance Navigator
[email protected]
630-510-8720 ext. 217

Daisy assists clients with applying for and obtaining relief from outstanding medical bills/debt. She fully supports the organization’s mission and believes everyone has a right to affordable healthcare. She also loves working alongside enthusiastic people that are passionate and truly want to make a difference in their community. Daisy loves traveling and seeing new places (preferably somewhere with mountains). She also enjoys relaxing at home by cooking Asian cuisine and listening to comedy podcasts.

Vanessa Corpus (Habla Español)
Silver Access Coordinator
[email protected]
630-510-8720 ext. 208 Direct: 331-716-7573

Vanessa is driven to help connect families to an affordable ACA insurance plan while also assisting with their premium cost through the Silver Access program. She believes everyone has a right to high quality care, no matter their income, background, or legal status. She takes pride in helping community members connect to referrals, resources, benefits, and vital services. She has worked in the nonprofit sector since 2015 and always ensures kind and friendly reception. In her spare time, Vanessa enjoys traveling, road trips, and spending time with her family and dogs.

Karen Doyle
Director of Development & Communication
[email protected]
630-510-8720 ext. 206 Direct: 331-716-7566

Karen relishes the opportunity to connect people and organizations to the Coalition’s mission. She firmly believes that there should be no correlation between income and access to high-quality health care and is proud of the role she plays in opening the doors to a healthier community. Karen is often laughing, socializing and figuring out ways to avoid cooking dinner.

Amy Feltz
Health Equity Program Coordinator
[email protected]
630-510-8720 ext. 219 Direct: 331-806-3007

Amy joined our team after serving as a summer VISTA. Coordinating both Project Hero and Access Fit, Amy works with various community partners to help increase access to training and resources that promote improved health outcomes. She recognizes activities outside medical offices largely influence good health and loves combining her passion for fitness and wellness with public health to help empower others. Amy enjoys spending time with friends and family in her free time, traveling, and competing in triathlons.

Joel Jara (Habla Español)
Community Relationships Coordinator

[email protected]
630-510-8720 ext. 207 Direct: 331-716-7579

Joel is personable, enjoys building relationships and is energized by equipping and developing others. For over 15 years he has served in the nonprofit sector driven by the mission to empower the community by making resources accessible to everyone. Joel sees the dignity and value in each person and finds great satisfaction in problem-solving and networking to ensure individual needs are met. In his free time Joel enjoys taking long walks with his wife, tackling home improvement projects, and of course making his famous salsa.

Nancy Garcia (Habla Español)
Specialty Care Manager
[email protected]
630-510-8720 ext. 213 Direct: 331-716-7567

As a registered nurse, Nancy is passionate about high-quality healthcare for all in our community. Motivated by her caring nature, Nancy works deliberately to coordinate patient care; achieving a safe and effective specialty care experience. Being a part of a team that positively impacts many lives, further supports Nancy’s desire to enhance patient care. When not at work, you can find Nancy spending time with her very large family and four-legged friends or enjoying some retail therapy.

Denise Martinez (Habla Español)
Pharmacy Manager
[email protected]
630-510-8720 ext. 203 Direct: 331-716-7577

If you are familiar with the DuPage Health Coalition, you are familiar with Denise. Compassionate, considerate and empathetic she has been with DHC for 20 years and has performed a variety of roles. She is currently the program manager for our Dispensary of Hope and as the name indicates she loves that her role gives her the chance to provide hope to some of our county’s most vulnerable. Outside of work Denise enjoys taking her puppy Max to the park, being with her family and is known as the ultimate hockey mom.

Kara Murphy
[email protected]
630-510-8720 ext. 212 Direct: 331-716-7569

Kara knows she is blessed to work in a community like DuPage, with hundreds of organizations working together, anticipating and adapting to a changing landscape. A history working in small nonprofits and large health systems helps her to understand the assets the community can apply to reducing healthcare barriers, and the challenges patients face connecting to the care they need. Over 14 years at a small nonprofit, she has also become an expert lightbulb changer. Kara maintains balance exploring the forest preserves with two-legged and four-legged friends, visiting the French Market for culinary inspiration, and curling up with a good book.

Karina Ochoa (Habla Español)
Administrative Assistant
[email protected]
630-510-8720 ext. 200 Direct: 331-716-7571

Karina assists clients with general questions and directs them to the appropriate staff. She also manages the reception area, welcoming all with a warm smile. She has been working for non-profits since 2019 and finds her role unbelievably rewarding and fulfilling. She is currently in school full time, pursuing a degree in pediatric occupational therapy. Karina has a three-year-old daughter and two cats. During her very rare free time, she likes going to concerts and trying new restaurants!

Gale Patyk
Office Clerk
[email protected]
630-510-8720 ext. 202 Direct: 331-716-7580

Gale is dependable, hardworking, and organized, all necessary traits to keep all of the paper that passes across her desk in order. Gale is an avid quilter and enjoys road trips with her friends to visit quilt shops as well as time spent with her grandchildren. Her coworkers know that the way to her heart is with a good muffin.

Patty Perez (Habla Español)
Director of Benefits
[email protected]
630-510-8720 ext. 204 Direct: 331-716-7570

Patty begins her morning with a friendly “Hi ”to her teammates and that upbeat attitude remains throughout the day as she tackles enrollment applications. Patty appreciates the opportunity to use her organizational skills to develop systems that work best for her and approaches everything with a caring heart. Patty has a houseful of boys and delights in spending time at their ballgames, playing in the park and cuddling. Patty has been with Access DuPage since 2002, and that experience serves our patients very well, every day.

Luz M Ramirez (Habla Español)
Community Health Navigator
[email protected]
630-510-8720 x223

Luz assists clients in obtaining healthcare coverage by finding the benefits that fit them best. She loves this type of work because she can help to provide clients with many community resources that they might have been otherwise unaware of. In her spare time, Luz loves spending time with her family and going shopping with her daughter.

Miguel Romero (Habla Español)
Specialty Care & Education Coordinator
[email protected]
630-510-8720 ext. 218 Direct: 331-516-7568

One thing that makes Miguel so effective is the conscientious way he assists both community members and our entire staff. Miguel is compassionate and genuinely enjoys helping people, and it shows in each of his interactions. When not at work, Miguel regularly plays soccer and basketball and is happiest spending time with his friends and family.

Alex Solis (Habla Español)
Care Coordinator
[email protected]
630-510-8720 ext. 209 Direct: 331-716-7572

After her AmeriCorps VISTA service, DHC invited Alex to join the Care Coordinator team, and she gladly accepted. She is responsible for scheduling, organizing and managing all aspects of a patient’s healthcare maintenance and treatment. It is her fate to work in social services, since she is an older sister and has always looked for the wellbeing of others. Alex loves fixing things, home projects and DIY’s and that is how she spends her weekends. That is if her teen daughters don’t have her driving them around.

Meg Thompson
Director of Strategic Initiatives
[email protected]
630-510-8720 ext. 214 Direct: 331-806-3844

Meg works closely with the Coalition’s team to ensure new initiatives launch successfully and have the maximum impact. She builds partnerships with health systems and community stakeholders critical to the organization’s mission. Throughout her career, Meg has been committed to addressing health disparities and improving access to care. Meg loves spending time with her family, catching up with friends and playing tennis.

Jennifer Flores (Habla Español)
Financial Assistance Counselor
[email protected]
630-510-8720 ext. 216 Direct: 331-806-3846

Jennifer is upbeat and friendly. She gets a sense of satisfaction knowing she is doing her part in helping clients get relief from outstanding medical debt. She enjoys being part of a team of passionate people who all have a goal to make their community a better place. Jennifer loves spoiling her dog Akko. On the weekends she enjoys clubbing...Sam's clubbing.