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The DuPage Dispensary of Hope is a collaborative partnership funded by DHC in partnership with the Kenneth Moy DuPage Care Center.

Available Medications

Here is a current list of medications available through DDOH. The formulary is updated 4 times per year. Please check back periodically to make sure you have a current version.

Patients may receive up to 90 days of medication per fill with a valid prescription. A reminder – only 30 days of medications are available per fill for non-DDOH Access DuPage medications.

Note: Not all listed medications are continuously available at DuPage Dispensary of Hope. Please advise a patient seeking a new medication to contact the pharmacy to confirm medication is in stock. If it is not a typically stocked medication, it may be able to be ordered.

Instructions for Prescribers

The full name of the pharmacy distributing DDOH medication is the DuPage Care Center Outpatient Pharmacy. The pharmacy phone number is 630.784.4288, fax number 630.784.4284. If you are calling for free medication, please identify that you are calling about the DuPage Dispensary of Hope so you can be routed correctly.


DuPage Care Center Outpatient Pharmacy is listed through Surescripts. Prescribers can look up the pharmacy and use that portal to send electronic prescriptions.

Transferring Prescriptions

Patients can call DuPage Dispensary of Hope / DuPage Care Center Outpatient Pharmacy at 630.784.4288 and ask that their prescription(s) be transferred to our pharmacy. The customer should provide the name of their previous pharmacy and its phone number as well as the prescription number and name of the medication. The prescription should be identified as a Dispensary of Hope transfer.

Questions, Concerns, or Feedback?

If there are generic medications that you would like to be able to access through the free pharmacy program that aren’t currently listed, please email [email protected] to share that request. The formulary of available medications updates quarterly; our partners need clinical feedback to ensure that they are supplying necessary medications. Clinical and community partners can also call Denise Martinez at the DuPage Health Coalition with other questions or concerns at 630.510.8720 X 203. Denise is also available to work directly with pharmacy clients needing additional assistance.