Access DuPage connects low income and uninsured DuPage County Residents to affordable primary care services.

What services are available through Access DuPage?

For each of the services, Access DuPage enrollees typically pay a modest fee.

  • Access DuPage assigns each enrolled member to a primary care physician or a clinic that provides ongoing primary care.  Co-payments tend to cost no more than fifteen dollars for primary care services.
  • If an Access DuPage primary care provider recommends that an enrollee see a specialist, Access DuPage will attempt to find a specialist to treat them.  Most specialty care is provided for co-payments ranging from five to fifteen dollars, although some providers may charge higher rates, and some specialty care may not be provided at a reduced cost, at the decision of the specialist.
  • Most lab and diagnostic services ordered by the primary care doctor or referred specialists are covered by the program and available at a local hospital for a five-dollar co-payment per test.
  • Most prescription drugs ordered by the primary care physician or referred specialists are covered by the program and available at select DuPage County pharmacies for co-payments ranging from ten dollars to fifty dollars.  Generic medications covered by Access DuPage should cost no more than ten dollars and may be less expensive if patients frequent pharmacies offering lower-cost pharmacy programs.

What services are not available through Access DuPage?

  • Any service, lab test, x-ray, and/or prescription ordered by a physician other than the assigned Access DuPage physician or clinic, or specialists to whom Access DuPage has referred a patient
  • Care provided by any doctor without Access DuPage assignment or referral
  • Prenatal Care
  • Over the counter drugs
  • Ambulance transport
  • Sexually transmitted diseases diagnosis and treatment*
  • Most Adult Immunizations*
  • Dental Care*
  • Family planning/Birth Control***

*Dental Care is available at the DuPage County Health Department.  Please see the resources page on this website for the link to their website and additional information.

**Some of these services may be provided at the discretion of local hospitals or specialists: please contact the program for more information.

***These services are available through the Access Community Health Network.  Please visit our resources page for a listing of their locations and contact information.