DuPage Health Coalition makes healthcare accessible for all

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By: Joy Kleinhans, NCTV17
Published: July 18, 2023 at 9:55 AM CDT

At the DuPage Health Coalition (DHC), they believe that communities thrive when all residents are healthy enough to work, care for their loved ones, and live with less worry about their family’s wellbeing. DHC’s array of patient-centered health programs ensure that good health is within reach for neighbors whose income and insurance status would otherwise compromise access to health services. Thanks to their collaborative partnerships, 69,000 of our neighbors have had the healthcare that they needed over the last 22 years.

The collaborative nature of DHC’s partnerships with hospitals, enrollment sites, medical providers, and community members is impressive. By coordinating primary care, specialty care, pharmacy, and hospital services, DHC maximizes the impact of every dollar spent on direct costs, with more than $10 in contributed services.

DuPage Health Coalition is focused on patient-centered health programs

The Silver Access premium assistance program is particularly valuable in helping income-limited families purchase high-quality insurance, ensuring they have the coverage they need for their healthcare needs. Additionally, the DuPage Dispensary of Hope, which provides access to over 370 medications for uninsured community members, is an essential resource in improving health outcomes.

DHC’s Medical Debt Care DuPage program employs a team of bilingual health navigators that help patients apply for medical debt relief, enroll in health insurance, and connect to other health-impacting resources like food assistance, housing support, and oral and mental health care. DHC is also partnering with national nonprofit RIP MD and local health partners to identify and forgive outstanding medical debt for low and moderate-income families here in DuPage County. Careful stewards of donated resources, 95% of funds awarded to DHC go directly to patient care. These initiatives demonstrate a holistic approach to addressing the various factors that impact individuals’ overall health and well-being.

The DuPage Health Coalition’s dedication to improving access to healthcare and addressing medical debt is commendable. Due to their careful stewardship, 95% of funds awarded to DHC go directly to patient care. By providing patient-centered health programs and fostering collaborative partnerships, DHC is making a significant difference in the lives of its neighbors in DuPage County.

Spotlight welcomed Kara Murphy, President of the DuPage Health Coalition and Annette Kenney, Chief Strategy Officer of NorthShore-Edward-Elmhurst Health.