COVID-19 Statement from DuPage Health Coalition

COVID-19 Statement from DuPage Health Coalition

Dear Friends,

We wanted to update you on changes to the way the DuPage Health Coalition is doing business during our current public health crisis. First, our hearts and thoughts go out to all of those affected by COVID-19. This is a trying time for the patients and families who face illness and uncertainty.

We would also like to take a moment to thank our exceptional volunteer providers, who make our programs possible. We know that all health care workers are on the front lines right now and we hold them in our thoughts. Our gratitude for their work is limitless, and we stand firm in our support of them.

At DuPage Health Coalition, our important work coordinating access to healthcare continues. We have committed staff members who are still working full schedules and offering expert care coordination. Much of our work happens by phone, email, and web, continuing uninterrupted. Our team has transitioned to work remotely for a period, but we have technology in place to support patients and partners effectively and in real time. Where changes in enrollment processes or partner access recommend changes to how we conduct business, we have plans in place to continue to adapt and to ensure patients can continue to access care.

To reduce the likelihood of infection transmission, DHC programs will temporarily halt all orientations and in-person educational programs, resuming those services as soon as we are able. We anticipate that individual patients and the offices that serve them will choose how to manage standing appointments during this outbreak. As is our policy, we continue to stress to patients the need to provide at least 24-hour notice if they need to change medical appointments. We are also relaying critical health guidance about COVID-19 to our patients as communicated by the CDC, DuPage County Health Department and other leading sources.

Thank you for being invested in our mission. If you have any questions about programs or operations during this time, please contact me at

Stay healthy and safe,
Kara Murphy

Please click here for more information and resources regarding COVID-19

DHC earns 4-star rating from Charity Navigator

DHC earns 4-star rating from Charity Navigator

Charity Navigator logo with 4 stars on blue background

Written by Sonja Altmayer

Read the article on the Daily Herald here.

DuPage Health Coalition’s strong financial health and commitment to transparency have earned it a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, America’s largest independent charity evaluator.

Charity Navigator awarded DHC a 95.5% overall rating, significantly higher than most peer organizations in its category. This score was bolstered by a best in class financial rating of 100%, and a 93.3 % rating for excellent accountability and transparency with its donors, board members, and clients.

Charity Navigator honors only the most fiscally responsible organizations with a 4-star rating and has been a respected voice in the industry since 2002.

“DuPage Health Coalition’s exceptional 4-star rating sets it apart from its peers and demonstrates its trustworthiness to the public,” stated Michael Thatcher, president and CEO of Charity Navigator. “This adds DuPage Health Coalition to a preeminent group of charities working to overcome our world’s most pressing challenges. Based on its 4-star rating, people can trust that their donations are going to a financially responsible and ethical charity when they decide to support DuPage Health Coalition.”

“Every time a funder or a community member elects to make a donation to support DHC’s mission, they help to create a community where every resident is healthy enough to work and care for their families,” DuPage Health Coalition President Kara Murphy said. “Our 4-star Charity Navigator reflects our careful stewardship of their donation, and our commitment to maximize the impact of their gift to the greatest possible extent.”

More information about the award can be found at

Detailed analysis of the DuPage Health Coalition also can be obtained on the website, following a free registration.

The DuPage Health Coalition is a 501(c)3 health care access nonprofit whose efforts enable low-income families to receive high quality, efficient, and effective health care. Founded in 2001, DuPage Health Coalition has served roughly 60,000 DuPage residents through a host of health programs, including Access DuPage (health care coordination for the uninsured), Silver Access DuPage (ACA Premium Assistance), and DuPage Dispensary of Hope (a free pharmacy offered in partnership with DuPage County).

Through robust partnerships and innovative programming, DHC opens doors to health care, connecting patients to high-quality care. For nearly 20 years, DuPage Health Coalition has achieved its mission through partnerships with every major health system in DuPage County, thousands of volunteer physicians, and leading public health and social service institutions. For information, visit

Charity Navigator is the largest charity evaluator in America and its website attracts more visitors than all other charity rating groups combined. The organization helps guide intelligent giving by evaluating the financial health and accountability and transparency of more than 8,000 charities. Charity Navigator accepts no advertising or donations from the organizations it evaluates, ensuring unbiased evaluations, nor does it charge the public for this trusted data. Visit