The 20 most frequently asked questions

How does Access DuPage work?
Volunteer physicians provide enrolled patients with basic health services for a very small fee. This program could not exist without the support of thousands of medical volunteers as well as the generous support of volunteer intake agents, local hospitals, and private and public funders.
How long will it take to confirm enrollment?
It takes about 4-8 weeks depending on the volume and speed at which clients provide requested documentation.
When do I re-enroll?
Check the expiration date on your ID card. Access DuPage recommends that you begin the process of reapplying at least 8 weeks before the expiration date on your card. It is your responsibility to be mindful of your card’s expiration and take steps to reapply. It is also important to remember that applications that are incomplete (missing any of the requested documents or signatures) may require longer processing time as we work with you to collect the necessary documents
Where do I re-enroll?
Individuals wishing to re-enroll must apply to meet with an intake agent. A list of available locations is available on the Access DuPage website, or by calling 630-510-8720. The same proof of income and address must be provided to re-enroll as was required for first time applications.
What happens if my card has already expired?
If your card expires, your coverage will end, and you will not be able to receive any medical services under Access DuPage until your card is reactivated (in other words, until you complete a new application and it is approved). Any services between enrollments will be at your expense.
Are Access DuPage members treated differently at the doctor’s office?
The goal is that Access DuPage patients will be treated as any other patient would by the physicians volunteering their services for Access DuPage. Certainly, every patient should be treated respectfully. Just like any other patient, providers will expect patients to pay any copayments that are their responsibility, and show up on time for their appointments, unless they cancel with at least 24 hour notice. It is important to remember that Access DuPage is not insurance, and that there may be circumstances where provider volunteers may not have all of the healthcare tools that they have available for insured patients. For example, providers may need to explore lower cost prescription options, or patients may wait longer than they wish for specialty care. However, the goal is to provide the best treatment possible.
What should I bring on my first visit to see the doctor?
Please bring any medical paperwork regarding your prior medical treatment that will help the doctor to provide you with the best medical care.
Please bring a list of current medications, and any medications to which you are allergic.
Please be prepared to pay any copayments for your visits, typically $5 – $15.
What if I move or change jobs? Where do I send any changes to my employment or income?
Changes should be mailed to the address on the back of your ID card to the attention of the enrollment department.
What if I have an emergency and can’t make it to my appointment?
It is very important that you make every possible effort to notify a provider at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment time.
Please be aware that failure to keep an appointment with a specialist may result in your being prohibited from receiving additional specialty referrals.
In addition, failure to keep scheduled appointments with any Access DuPage provider may be grounds for termination from the program.
Who can refer me to a specialist?
Your primary care provider may refer you to a specialist. When a primary care provider believes that you need to see a specialist, they will send the request to Access Dupage for coordination. Unfortunately, while we are able to coordinate thousands of referrals each year, in some cases there may be longer than desired waits to see certain types of specialists.
My Access DuPage doctor gave me a prescription for a medicine. What do I bring to the pharmacy?
Bring your Access DuPage ID card when filling a prescription at a pharmacy. Most pharmacies located in DuPage County accept the Access DuPage card. Bring your copayments of $10-$50 per medication, or smaller amounts for generic medications that may be offered through lower cost medication programs at pharmacies like Walmart, Target, K-Mart, and Jewel.
What if I have medications from other doctors?
It is very important to understand that only medications prescribed by Access DuPage doctors will be covered. Attempts to use your Access DuPage card to receive medications prescribed by non-Access DuPage referred/assigned providers may result in program termination or loss of drug benefits.
Who pays for my medications?
Co-payments are the responsibility of the Access DuPage member. Access DuPage pays for the remainder of the cost of your medication after you pay your copayment.
What if I have questions about prescription drugs?
Call Prescription Drug Coordination.
630-510-8720 Ex. 203
What medications does Access DuPage not cover?
Here is a partial list of the medications typically NOT covered through Access DuPage:
• Most Injectable medications (except insulin and epipen)
• Birth control pills
• Electrolyte stabilizers
• HIV medications
• Cancer medications
• Organ transplant anti-rejection medications
• Compounded medications
• TB medications
• Weight loss medications
• Smoking cessation medications
• Any Mental health medications prescribed by non-Access DuPage physicians or health department psychiatrists
Where do I send complaints?
For any complaints or concerns, please share your complaint within 14 days of event, so that we can do our best to resolve the issue. If you wish to share your complaint in writing you may do so at the address below:
Access DuPage
511 Thornhill Dr. Suite E
Carol Stream, IL 60188
Attn: Program Manager
If you prefer, you may also send an email to the following address:
What are the eligibility requirements?
In broadly define terms, members must:
– Be a permanent DuPage County resident;
– Be between the ages of 19 and 65;
– Have a household income at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level
– Not be eligible for other affordable health insurance programs (such as Medicaid, Medicare, AllKids, employer sponsored insurance, student insurance, Cobra, SSI, Family Care, Veterans Benefits, Affordable Care Act, etc.)
I have an income, but I don’t receive a typical pay stub. What proof can be provided for non-traditional incomes?
1) Cash payments – please provide a log of payments and a letter from the person paying making payments to you. If you are working for a business, then the letter should be on letterhead for the business. All letters should include contact information so that Access DuPage may confirm employment. We may also request a copy of your most recent Federal Income Tax as well as copies of your recent bank statements showing your earnings.
2) Taxi  – see number 1. Please provide a log of work and other documents documenting your earnings. Please provide 2 months of bank statements as well.
3) Credit card debt – If you are currently maintaining yourself with credit cards or cash advances, please provide minimum of last two months of complete credit card statements as well as two months of bank statements.
4) Home equity line of credit or bank loan – please provide two months credit statements as well as two months of bank statements.
5) Annuities, retirement accounts, stocks, 401K etc – please provide two months of statements as well as two months of bank statements.
6) If self-employed and if it’s been less than 6 months since taxes were filed, please provide recent taxes, including business Profit and Loss documents. If more than 6 months from date of tax filing, if quarterly filing is available, provide quarterly statements. If no quarterly filing, please provide any additioanl documents that you believe document your current income. Please be aware that Access DuPage may request additional information to document income.
7) If you have no no income and someone else who is currently helping you financially (parents, adult children, significant other, friend, etc), we will need their proof of income & a letter of support in order to process their application (A different income guideline will be used for these clients).
8) eBay sales or sales of worldly assets – please provide documentation of PayPal account history, at least last two months, and last two months of bank statements.
9) Commission-based employment – please provide commission statements. Since commission can be episodic and intermittent, clients may provide prior 6 – 12 months of continuous employment in commission based work to allow for better distribution of commission income over time.
How can I donate to Access DuPage?
Thank you! If you are considering providing financial support to Access DuPage, we appreciate your assistance with our efforts to coordinate health services for the low income uninsured residents of DuPage County. Please send donations to:
Access Dupage
511 Thornhill Dr. Suite E
Carol Stream, IL 60188 OR Click here to donate online.
Tax receipts are available for donations, and Access DuPage is a tax exempt nonprofit organization.
How can I volunteer?
We would love that assistance! Check out our volunteer page for updated volunteer opportunities, or contact Access DuPage directly at 630-510-8720.

Do I Qualify?

  • Resided in DuPage County for at least 30 days
  • Between the ages of 19 and 64
  • Household income at or below 200% of the federal poverty level
  • No medical insurance
  • Not eligible for select private or public health coverage

At the DuPage Health Coalition, we believe that our community's diversity is its strength. We respect, value, and celebrate the unique backgrounds, histories, and perspectives that make each person who they are. We are committed to providing a safe, accepting environment for the families we serve, partnering with all who need additional support accessing excellent healthcare. From Access DuPage, Silver Access, The Dispensary of Hope and all of the other programs we offer, we welcome you.

En el DuPage Health Coalition, creemos que la fuerza de nuestra comunidad está en su diversidad. Nosotros respetamos, valoramos y celebramos los antecedentes únicos, las historias y las perspectivas que hacen que cada individuo sea quien es. Estamos comprometidos a proveer un lugar seguro y un ambiente que acepta a las familias que servimos. Y nos asociamos con todos aquellos que necesitan apoyo para obtener un cuidado de salud excelente. De parte del Access DuPage, Silver Access, Dispensary of Hope y todos los otros programas que ofrecemos, le damos una bienvenida.

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