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Our medical provider volunteers donate services at community clinics, community health centers, and hundreds of private offices across DuPage County. Access DuPage engages virtually the entire medical community of DuPage County in providing care to the neediest members of the community. Thankfully, these medical volunteers treat patients for little or no cost every day throughout the county. Thanks to our volunteers, more than 14,000 enrollees receive medical care through Access DuPage in a typical year.

We would like to thank those providers who donate their time and service to Access DuPage – we couldn’t exist without you. We would also like to encourage more physicians and medical providers to become Access DuPage partners. Huge increases in Access DuPage enrollment create more need for volunteers than ever before. Under the “About” tab is more information about the Access DuPage program and how lending a helping hand goes a long way.

Becoming an Access DuPage Provider

Access DuPage is seeking primary and specialty care physicians willing to accept limited and predetermined volumes of uninsured patients in their offices for medical care and treatment.

Access DuPage would not exist without the volunteer efforts of local physicians on staff at DuPage County hospitals, treating patients in their offices and at our local partner health care institutions. Providers who are interested in volunteering their time through service at the DuPage Community Clinic are also encouraged to contact us for more information. If you are interested in learning more about Access DuPage and would welcome a phone call or in-person meeting with Access DuPage, please contact us below!

Required Skills
Providers willing to see patients in their private offices or hospital settings are typically MD or DO’s on staff at a local DuPage hospital, although in some cases they may be on staff at another chicagoland hospital.

The DuPage Community Clinic is also proud to engage volunteers both actively practicing and/or retired or on leave from active practice, provided that they have licensure and board certification in good standing.

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