Yes, we are still here to help! While working remotely, we are committed to taking care of our patients and being available to our partners. Please call or email us with any questions.

DeAnn Bednowicz
Director of Programs
630-510-8720 ext. 201

Charito Bularzik
Patient Navigator
630-510-8720 ext. 222 (Habla Español)

Karen Doyle
Director of Development & Communications

Caitlyn Fernandez Bio Pic Caitlin Fernandez

Britney Hodges Bio Pic Britney Hodges
Vista Communications and Outreach Coordinator

Denise Martinez
Pharmacy Manager
630-510-8720 ext. 203 (Habla Español)

Kara Murphy
630-510-8720 ext. 212

Gale Patyk
Office Clerk

Patty Perez
Access DuPage Enrollment Manager
630-510-8720 ext. 204 (Habla Español)


Ivelisse Rodriguez
Referral & Education Coordinator
630-510-8720 ext. 218 (Habla Español)






Miguel Romero
Administrative Associate
630-510-8720 (Habla Español)

Marcella Santos
Referral Coordinator
630-510-8720 ext. 213 (Habla Español)

Marina Sedory Bio Pic Marina Sedory
Silver Access Coordinator
630-510-8720 ext. 208



At the DuPage Health Coalition, we believe that our community's diversity is its strength. We respect, value, and celebrate the unique backgrounds, histories, and perspectives that make each person who they are. We are committed to providing a safe, accepting environment for the families we serve, partnering with all who need additional support accessing excellent healthcare. From Access DuPage, Silver Access, The Dispensary of Hope and all of the other programs we offer, we welcome you.

En el DuPage Health Coalition, creemos que la fuerza de nuestra comunidad está en su diversidad. Nosotros respetamos, valoramos y celebramos los antecedentes únicos, las historias y las perspectivas que hacen que cada individuo sea quien es. Estamos comprometidos a proveer un lugar seguro y un ambiente que acepta a las familias que servimos. Y nos asociamos con todos aquellos que necesitan apoyo para obtener un cuidado de salud excelente. De parte del Access DuPage, Silver Access, Dispensary of Hope y todos los otros programas que ofrecemos, le damos una bienvenida.

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